60% of the Time it Works… Every Time

There’s something truly artful about a fragrance laden with notes so elusive that all those who encounter it have a deeply subjective experience. ┬áThose who’ve had the rare pleasure of taking in the aroma of Odeon’s top-shelf men’s cologne, Sex Panther, have described it as a formidable scent which stings the nostrils… in a good way. Others have tried to nail down the specific notes, but a general consensus has yet to be reached. Some of the speculations include:

  • Pure gasoline
  • A used diaper loaded with Indian food
  • A lump of feces covered in burnt hair
  • Bigfoot’s dick

Many cultures are uncomfortable with this sort of ambiguity, which may be why Sex Panther has been banned in nine countries (so far). Another reason may be that pieces of actual panther are used in the manufacturing process. Either way, Odeon is keeping a tight lid on the full ingredients list – FDA be damned.

Brian Fantana - Anchorman - Sex Panther

What I love about Brian Fantana’s hidden collection of toiletries is that it’s filled with a host of made-up products like Stag, Wood Grains, and Stephanie’s Clique which are seamlessly combined with real colognes from the seventies such as Azzaro PH, Pinaud Musk, and Hai Karate. The latter was an early example of high-concept marketing. Each bottle of Hai Karate came with a martial arts booklet containing tips on defending oneself against the onslaught of sex-crazed women who would inevitably attack the wearer.

Sex Panther by Odeon

Clearly, Brian Fantana is part of that subset of the American male that is highly susceptible to this sort of campaign. One can imagine his secret fake library wall popping open today to reveal the full catalogue of Axe products.

Despite its illicit status, Sex Panther is not out of reach for the common man. The reigning King of Defictionalization, Pete Hottelet, and his company, Omni Consumer Products Corporation (yes, that’s the name of the evil company from Robocop) have pulled several products out of the dimension of fiction and made them real. No you can actually buy Sex Panther, Tru Blood, Stay Puft Marshmallows, Fight Club Soap, and Brawndo.

One thought on “60% of the Time it Works… Every Time

  1. Did I really emerge blinking into the sun from an age where I was sold Hai Karate. It would be funny if it wasn’t so poignant.

    Though I should ad (no pun intended) the positioning was manliness, not defence against women.

    Incidentally I have a theory that creatives always take the piss when working with questionable products.

    “Be careful how you use it” is one of my all time favourites.

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