Jake Danzel’s – Number Two (as usual)

In the latter half of 19th-century, a bitter competition was distilling in the American south. Both Jack Daniel and Jake Danzel founded historic whiskey brands in the exact same year – 1866. Although both brands went on to win international Gold Medals for their smooth charcoal-brewed taste, Daniel’s brand went on to achieve status as a worldwide cabinet standard, while Danzel’s can only be spotted occasionally – primarily in the hotel rooms of violent biker gang members.

Jake Danzel’s falls into the “product displacement” category of fictional brands. As opposed to brands which are specifically designed to create verisimilitude within the imaginary worlds they inhabit (see examples HERE and HERE), “displaced” products are specifically designed to invoke a brand from the world we inhabit. The reason for use of one of these doppelgangers varies, ranging from parody to simple avoidance of legal complications.

In this case, Jake Danzel’s just seems to be an off-the-shelf selection from the catalog of one of Hollywood’s largest prop houses – Independent Studio Services.  You can see it in the center of this shot from their catalog:

Jake Danzel's

The most conspicuous appearance of this brand comes from the FX series, Sons of Anarchy. While I couldn’t see it on-screen, Jake Danzel’s must have also made an appearance in The Good Girl, because this Jennifer Aniston fan site displays the label amongst many other props from the film:

Is Jake Danzel the Nikola Tesla of sour mash whiskey? Did he and Jack Daniel engage in a heated battle for commercial survival while harboring a secret tenderness and enduring respect for one another?

I’d better stop asking such nerdy questions, before I inspire some truly disturbing old-timey slash fiction.

8 thoughts on “Jake Danzel’s – Number Two (as usual)

  1. guys i have just finished restoring and building a 1985 honda shadow 500cc
    straight throu pipes and 16 inch apebars all in matt black i would not do this without your permission but would love to make it into a jake danzel theme bike,but would rather ask and be respectfull without just doing it from google etc,its not for money or for freebies if i raise cash for charity great but i thaught id ask,just the way i am,i can send pics etc

    steve mc gregor
    15 coonagh court
    county limerick
    republic of ireland

    • Hi Steve,

      Your best bet is to contact Independent Studio Services at 818.951.5600 and ask for permission to use their design. Here’s a link to the product page: JAKE DANZELS

      Oh, and if you do end up using the graphic on your Shadow, please send us pics!

  2. hahahha classic man. i noticed the jake danzel as well! If the Danzel is old No2 and Daniels is old No7 maybe we still have a Durnell at Old No3 and a Danwell at old No4?

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