Olde Frothingslosh

Lately it seems like a lot of things from the fifties are making a comeback, like fedoras, the Red Scare, and mainstream racism. One thing that hasn’t resurfaced from that period, however, is zaniness. For those of you who aren’t REALLY OLD, zaniness sounded something like this:

Olde Frothingslosh commercial from KDKA Radio

Olde Frothingslosh, the Pale Ale for the Pale Stale Male was a long-running joke from Pittsburgh radio jockey Regis Cordic about a beer brand “so light, the foam’s on the bottom”. One of the selling points was that it was “brewed from hippity-hops on the banks of the Upper Crudney in Lower Slobbovia.”

I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to try to out-zany that.

Anyway, the gag ads ran for years. In 1955, Olde Frothingslosh was defictionalized by the Pittsburgh Brewing Company. They began issuing new cans and bottles every Christmas season filled with their flagship brew, Iron City Beer. Each year’s release featured a new zany label, and many of them even had zany limmericks, such as:

Our Founder, Sir Rege Frothingslosh
Used to bathe in the vats when he’d wash!
“It’s more comfy,” he said,
“Than a fine featherbed,
“Cause the foam’s on the bottom, by gosh!”

The most popular labels amongst collectors are those featuring the winner of the Frothingslosh Beauty Contest (not a real thing), “Miss Olde Frothingslosh” (not a real title), Fatima Yechburgh (a local woman of considerable heft named Marsha Phillips).

The brand remained a Pittsburgh in-joke until 1982 – many years after Cordic left the station. It’s been revived periodically over the years, but seems to be out of production right now. If anyone in the Pittsburgh area knows were to buy a bottle, hook us up!

Remember when a radio DJ was more than just a douchebag who paid porn stars to fart into a microphone? Yeah, me neither.

Loving obituary of Marsha Phillips, aka Fatima Yechburgh, written by her newphew
A Flicker set featuring some Olde Frothingslosh lables

4 thoughts on “Olde Frothingslosh

  1. And please remember Olde Frothingslosh is best imbibed in the company of a dozen Farkleberry tarts. The combo was an outstandingly successful fund raiser for Pittsburgh’s Children’s Hospital in the 60s

  2. I collected these around 1960. They were sold in cases, with many
    unique labels (and stories) One of the best was a picture
    of Miss Froshingslosh (all many hundred pounds of her) posing in a bathing suit laying on a bear skin rug.

    The accompaning story on the back was:
    “Just prior to this picture being taken, the bear was standing.”

  3. I have a can of OLDE FROTHINGLOSH with a picture of Fatima Yechburgh, winner of the 1969 Miss Olde Frothinglosh Contest. Its a red can with a picture on the front, and a story on each side. Do you know how old it might be or how much its worth in excellent condition still full? it has a purple stamp on top that is numbered 179, does that mean anything?

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